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If you're a fan of the Italian band Lacuna Coil, or if you're looking for more information about them, then you've come to the right place!  Emptyspiral is the official Wordwide Lacuna Coil Fan Club and is dedicated to bringing the works of the band to everyone, and creating a community for all fans.  It is THE place for Coilers, as we call ourselves, to meet and discuss our favourite band, as well as find out the latest news, videos, tour dates, and more..

So welcome to Emptyspiral! Have a look around, check out the music and videos, read the Lacuna Coil biography, and the numerous interviews we have with the band, view our Lacuna Coil Gallery, listen to our exclusive Podcast, and join our forums.

And above all...Enjoy Lacuna Coil!



Latest News

Fuse.tv Interview Video and Bootleg of the Month…

Part One of the Two-Part Interview by Julia of Fuse.tv is now available. You can download it here…
Expect to see Part Two available soon.

I have also added a Bootleg of the Month section (Its at the right…) Septembers is ‘Heavens a Lie’ from the Toronto 2003 show. You can download it here…

My thanks to Jeffs for his contributions to the Spiral!


Emptyspirals Exclusive Lacuna Coil Interview!

Compiled from a list of your questions, and asked by celticyodels before the concert on August 28th in NYC, the Interview with Cristina and Andrea is now available!

Want to know what they are doing for the next Album? Where they’re touring next? What they’re favourite concert is? Then you need to read it!

The full Interview can be found here…


Official Lacuna Coil Flyers Available

Lacuna Coil flyers are now available at the official website. The two versions; one colour and one Black & White, feature the Comalies flower, the band, and the dates for ‘Part 3′ of the US Tour. They are jpeg files and can be printed for distribution.

You can download both versions from the Miscellaneous section of the Official site here…

As the site says…Download them and spread the Word!!


Emptyspiral Update: Archive Interviews Added

GKnight has submitted some Lacuna Coil Interviews…

The first is a link to the Interview last year on the live4metal site. The second is a hard-to-find interview from the tombstone.gr site, and the third is GKnight’s own transcription of the FUSE interview for fuse.tv.
They are all available in the Interviews Section…

UPDATE: Expect to see the video of the Interview on Fuse on Emptyspiral in the near future 😉