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Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 119 / The TRUTH

unleashed-memories-new-medSince the beginning of Emptyspiral, we’ve been trying to establish the true meaning of the Lacuna Coil song 1.19. There have been numerous interviews, hours of fan discussion and speculation, a podcast, and even a movie.  Today on Lacuna Coil day (1/19/2017) we have exclusive permission from the band to reveal the TRUTH about 1.19!

Are you ready?  Dare you listen?  Well be careful what you wish for…

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or, alternatively, you can download or listen to the podcast episode right here:


1.19 / Lacuna Coil Day


The 19th January is Lacuna Coil day!

This is an annual celebration of Lacuna Coil, and their music. On this day we want Coilers everywhere to listen to that album you might not have listened to for a while, check out the Live Karma DVD, wear your Lacuna Coil T-shirt, or whatever you want!  Share the bands music with your friends, host a listening party, bake LC cookies, join the Facebook Event!

And we want to hear about it!

You can discuss it in our forums, post on our Facebook page or in our special Lacuna Coil Day event,  tweet us, or use any of our other Social Networks to share the love for Lacuna Coil.  And because it’s a special day we have something very special for you!


All of the people that get involved will be entered to a FREE draw.  Three lucky coilers will be selected at random, and each receive a massive Broken Crown Halo Poster.  But that’s not all – one of those lucky people will also receive a signed copy of the very limited Artbook Edition of Broken Crown Halo! Yes! We have one of these beautiful books and want to give one to you!


So what are you waiting for! Go celebrate Lacuna Coil, and tell us what you get up to! Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky winners.



Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 32 – 1.19 Edition


In this very special edition of the Emptyspiral Podcast, we explore the song 1.19; the lyrics, the title, the mystery and more.  You’ll hear extracts from exclusive interviews with Lacuna Coil, including the 2004 interview in which Cristina gave us our only clue about the title of the song. We also review and rate the song in full.

We should advise that the discussion touches on some particularly dark subjects.  Please avoid if you are of a sensitive nature as it is not our intention to offend.  As is always the case, listener discretion is advised.  

You can download or listen to the podcast episode here:

Show Notes:

  • The interview with Cristina was performed in December 2004.  You can read the full transcript in our Interviews Section here.
  • The interview with Andrea was performed in August 2009.  You can read the full transcript in our Interviews Section here.
  • You’ll find 1.19 video over at our YouTube Channel. Or you can watch it below..