Monthly Archives: July 2003

Acoustic Music and Video download available

I have added the music and video from the WAAF Radio station Acoustic session to the Downloads section.
Be sure to check them out as they are amazing and prove both the power and beauty of Cristina’s voice, and the range in Andreas.
The acoustic version of ‘Heavens a Lie’ is cool and the video of ‘Senzafine’ is very good with some banter at the end.



More US Tour Dates

Starting on 25th July Lacuna Coil will be touring with Type-O Negative, playing sixteen dates upto the 13th August.
Not stopping for a moment they will then play another twelve dates with Anthrax.
Finally they will play another eight dates again with Type-O Negative.


More Radio Air Time

In addition to playing on WAAF in Boston, ‘Heavens a Lie’ can also be heard in the US on the following stations:

WRUF Gainesville, FL (800) Rock104
KMKF Topeka, KS (785) 776-1015
WGIR Manchester, NH (603) 668-0234
KAZR Milwaukee, WI (800) 449-1033

Hurrah! Hopefully the list will continue to expand…


Acoustic Session on WAAF

Those people in Boston are so lucky, I reckon that they have the best radio station in the World! Not only did they interview Lacuna Coil, but the band also played an acoustic session of three songs: Aeon, Heavens a Lie, and Senzafine.

Hopefully the Interview will be available for download from in a couple of days.

And if you know how the the radio can me listened over the net (realaudio stream…?) please let me know ’cause the playlist is cool! 🙂