Lacuna Coil in Kerrang Magazine

The August 30th issue of Kerrang magazine (in the UK) ran an article on Kari Valo of HIM, and included a number of box-outs with information on the Goth movement and bands. At the end of the article. A section; ‘Grave New World’ named five bands as ‘Nu-Goth’. The top of the list was Lacuna Coil and the relevant section is printed here, containing a few interesting words. 🙂

The four other bands referenced were Moonspell, Nightwish, Theatre Des Vampires, and Sonata Nocturna.

Though the entry is small and obvious doesn’t compare to the four-page interview with Evanescence a few pages later (go figure), I do believe that a very positive mention in one of the UK’s more recognised Rock periodicals can only be a good thing.