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Century Media accept Rudys Photographs

Rudy DE DONCKER, who has photographed Lacuna Coil, both in concerts and photo-shoots, as well as being a regular visiter to, has had a number of his photographs accepted by Century Media. The images; one of the whole band and two of Cristina Scabbia are likely to be used for promotional material by the record label, and may appear in the new versions of the EPs, mentioned in the recent press release, later this year.

You can see more of Rudy’s excellent work on his website at

Well done Rudy, I wish you every success!!



Official Press Release from Century Media Records:
Coinciding with their very successful Christmas tour together with labelmates Moonspell, Passenger and Poisonblack LACUNA COIL take the next step in their career: MTV Italy added the video-clip for “Heaven’s A Lie” to daytime rotation. It was requested by the audience and is now broadcast during the show “MTV Select”, one of the highest rated programmes on MTV Italy. In Germany the video was and is shown daily on VIVA and VIVAPlus in addition to the voting-shows “Get The Clip” and “Rock/Alternative” since December last year.

Since the release of their highly acclaimed album “Comalies”, LACUNA COIL’s profile has gone up immensely worldwide. In the USA, LACUNA COIL proved to be Century Media Records’ most successful European band in the company’s 13-year history with commercial radio play all over the USA and strong sales not less than 15 months after the release of “Comalies”.

Thus, Century Media Records is proud to announce that the deal between LACUNA COIL and Century Media Records was extended.

After numerous shows all over the world, the band is finally back home in Milan and found a few minutes to send us some words about the deepened co-operation: “In light of the excellent support throughout the years and because of the good relations with the worldwide Century Media Family, LACUNA COIL have decided to renew their record deal with the label. We received many offers also from labels bigger than Century Media, but we feel that we’ve made the right decision. We have chosen to continue working in what is an ideal dimension for us, where our shared passion for music is combined with professionalism and mutual respect.”

While LACUNA COIL are already working on their yet untitled follow-up for the successful album “Comalies”, a European re-release of their two EPs “Lacuna Coil” and “Halflife” – which are currently out of print and thus demanded – including new artwork and bonus-material – is in the making for this summer.

In the meantime the band surrounding the enchanting Cristina Scabbia and her male counterpart Andrea Ferro will play the following festivals:

28.02.04 (E) Piorno – Piorno Rock Festival
30.05.04 (D) Gelsenkirchen – Rock Hard Festival”

That’s great news all round! You can read the original release on the German Century Media site here.

Thanks to naz4viper for letting us know!


Lacuna Coil in Feb 2004 Metal Hammer Magazine

“There’s no denying that Lacuna Coil are a class act…” reads the introduction to the three-page interview with Cristina in the February 2004 issue (No. 123) of Metal Hammer Magazine. In it she talks about the bands history, the split with the original line-up, musical style and fashion, and at length about Evanescence.
There are also a couple of classy photos.

Expect to see the article online soon.