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Lacuna Coil Commercial on Fuse

The Lacuna Coil Commerical for the Comalies album, reported here recently, has been recently spotted on the US music channel Fuse.
The commercial, filmed by the Revolver Film Company, includes scenes from the Heavens a Lie video, and quotes from the press.

Look out for the commercial on Fuse TV…

Thanks to sharp-eyed celticyodels for the information


New Discography Online

The lyrics section on has been replaced by a new Discography section. In it you can check out all the lyrics on each of Lacuna Coil’s albums from one page and other information has been included where available.
Check it out here.

My special thanks to ccfoo for his hard work on developing this new section for Emptyspiral. You’re a Star!


Lacuna Coil in Metal Maniacs

The May 2004 Vol.21, No.4 of Metal Maniacs Magazine includes an interview with Cristina Scabbia.
In the interview Cristina talks about the band getting more attention in the U.S and Europe as a result of the Comalies album. She also discusses touring, shopping and it also appears that ‘Ethereal’ was not the first name chosen for the band…
Check out the magazine for the full story, and expect to see all the details here soon.

My thanks to VeinsOfGlass for the information!


Lacuna Coil TV commercial…

According to the Revolver film company, there is to be a TV commercial for Lacuna Coils album Comalies that will be aired in the US in the near future. We will bring you more information when we have it.

You can read the original news item, as well as an image of Andrea Ferro, that may be in the commercial, at the Revolver web site here…

My thanks to pinkpanther666 for letting us know about the news item