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Guess Who Is Officially In The Studio

While trying to call Maus today (to talk buisness of course) I could not get through and received a text saying why, Lacuna Coil is officially in the studio as you read, working on the new record due for release in the spring or early summer. So tours are to come around that time, possibly Ozzfest main stage slot, and possibly another job for me as drum tech. Well coilers keep up the momentum and hey guys and Mama don’t be mad about me letting the public know, but they are dying to see you again as I.


Lacuna Coil in Metal Edge, Hit Parader, and Revolver Magazines

Lacuna Coil can found in a number of publications this month. The band is mentioned in Hit Parader, Criz appears alongside other drummers in an Ozzfest feature in Revolver, and finally Metal Edge reviews Lacuna Coil’s Ozzfest performance in Cleveland.
The magazine has this to say:

“One band that did stand out in both style and performance was Italy’s Lacuna Coil. This is a band that’s spent the last two years touring for Comalies with a variety of bands so brutally mismatched, it boggles the mind that they haven’t been eaten alive.

Singer Cristina Scabbia’s presence is one major reason why this band has succeeded in front of every audience they’ve faced, and Ozzfest was no exception. Whether or not you like Lacuna Coil’s goth-tinged brand of melodic metal, Scabbia’s talent lifts this band in a way that cannot be denied. With Scabbia’s male counterpart Andrea Ferro and bassist Marco Coti Zelati both celebrating birthdays this day, Lacuna Coil performed a spirited four song set that included the current hits “Heaven’s A Lie” and “Swamped,” as well as fan favorite “Daylight Dancer.”

Never mind that Lacuna Coil faced the worst downpour of the day the minute they set foot on the stage. Never mind that they were the only band forced to deal with lightning during their set. Lacuna Coil’s entwined blend of swirling, hypnotic rhythms lifted the crowd into some old fashioned head banging and crowd surfing at Ferro’s urging and Scabbia’s siren call. Lacuna Coil were a welcome respite from the pummeling, and it should be interesting to see if they can jump to the main stage next year, when they finally return with a new album. “

Look out for all the magazines now!

My thanks to artistic_dreamer4, brianna, and especially lemondrops for the information!


Lacuna Coil FAQ 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of the Lacuna Coil ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ has been published today. The updates to this edition include an extensive list of equipment that the band use, information on the Lacuna Coil font, where to buy Cristina’s boots, and information on Angls Punishment.
You can read or downloads it here…

Thanks to everyone that contributes to the FAQ, with special thanks to GKnight!