Monthly Archives: December 2004 Interview with Cristina Scabbia

I managed to interview Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia just before the ‘Hammered at Christmas’ show at Hammersmith Apollo on 27th December. We chatted with Cristina for some thirty minutes, asking questions on all manner of topics, and the result is available here…

I hope you enjoy it!

My thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the interview, and of course to Cristina for taking the time before the show to speak with me!


Lacuna Coil Metal Edge Magazine Update

In addition to the poster in the February 2005 edition of Metal Edge Magazine (as reported previously here) Lacuna Coil are also mentioned in the ‘2004 Year In Review’ and amongest a number of positive comments, Mark Kohler has this to say:

“At the end of the day, Lacuna Coil probably have the best chance of surviving this glut on the rise, because they aren’t shooting for the middle. Cristina Scabbia and company are just too talented to become victims, unless they do something to shoot themselves in the foot. They just are what they are, do what they do, and they haven’t changed their style to chase anyone or anything, despite what any mainstream critic would like to think.”

Metal Edge Magazine is available now.

My thanks to lemondrops for the information!


Lacuna Coil on ‘Alone In The Dark’ Soundtrack

Lacuna Coil are one of a number of metal acts appearing on the soundtrack for the ‘Alone In The Dark’ motion picture. The soundtrack, which will have different versions in America and European, is to include ‘Daylight Dancer’ taken from the ‘Comalies’ album.

You can see the full track listing at Nuclear Blast USA, and find out more about the ‘Alone In The Dark’ movie here…

My thanks to celticyodels for the information!


Cristina Scabbia Interviewed in Kerrang! Magazine

The December 25th (issue 1037) of Kerrang! Magazine includes a short interview with Lacuna CoilÕs Cristina Scabbia, as well as In FlamesÕ Anders FridŽn and ChimairaÕs Mark Hunter, asking each of them about the upcoming show on the 27th December in London.
In the interview Cristina confirms that there will be lots of partying involved, before, during, and after the show. Rumours of modified Santa suits are not confirmed…

Kerrang! is available today.