Monthly Archives: July 2005 Interview with Andrea Ferro has interviewed Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro as part of the magazines ‘Festival Frenzy’ web supplelement the August issue of the magazine.
In the interview Andrea talks about festivals, songwriting and has some exciting news about songs we may possibly hear on the upcoming album:

In trying new things and improving, would Lacuna Coil ever want to record with an orchestra?
Andrea: “We have! It’s not really an orchestra but a four-piece with two violins, a cello and a double bass. We recorded two songs in Milan with a friend of mine for the new record. We have five songs with strings arranged. These are guys who are friends of ours, so they come for a really cheap price, but they are orchestra professionals. They’re young people and they usually play classical music.”

You can read the full interview at the site here…


Terrorizer Interview – Possible Single in October?

Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro is interviewed about the upcoming album in the August issue of Terrorizer magazine. In it he talks about the recording studio, the success of ‘Heavens A Lie’ as a single, and has this to say on the subject of release dates:

“I think the new album is going to come out in January. February at the latest, because we’ve already recorded nine songs, six with vocals, and between August and September we’re gonna finish recording another five or six songs. So the single might be released in October”

The magazine also includes a number of short reviews Lacuna Coil’s performances at the summer festivals, and they have this to say of Download – “Lacuna Coil sound immense. From the blistering ‘When A Dead Man Walks’ to the soaring ‘Heavens A Lie’, they are the sound of taking on the mainstream and winning. Clearly ecstatic to be playing Donnington, vocalist Cristina Scabbia is on top form and the punters love every minute of their set. The sole new number they play is promising and as such, could be one of next year’s anthems”

Finally, Terrorizer includes a full-page advert for the bands re-releases, available from the 18th July. The magazine is on the shelves now.

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Re-Releases Reviewed in Kerrang! Magazine

Lacuna Coil’s re-releases of ‘The EPs’, ‘In A Reverie’, and ‘Unleashed Memories’ (available through Century Media from July 18th in the UK), have been reviewed in the July 23rd issue of Kerrang! magazine.

Nick Ruskell has this to say:
“‘The EPs (1998’s self-titled effort and 2000’s ‘Halflife’) may not be as essential as the full-length albums, but the delicate melodies of tracks like ‘Hyperfast’, the hauntingly gentle ‘Falling’ and the superb cover of Dubstar’s ‘Stars’ make them tempting purchases nonetheless. 1999’s ‘In a Reverie’ displays where the band began to refine the sound away from being a female-fronted Paradise Lost into something of their own thanks to a clutch of more confident sounding songs with a greater grasp of vocal interplay between Cristina Scabbia and male counterpart Andrea Ferro.
However, if you’re only going to get one LC album, make it the flawless ‘Unleashed Memories’ which remains their finest hour to date. ‘Heir Of A Dying day’, ‘Purify’, ‘Senzafine’, all pricelessly attractive slices of dark sultry beauty which, wrapped up together, make a truly, indispensibly essential album”

The magazine goes on to give ‘The EPs’ and ‘In A Reverie’ a Great 4/5, and ‘Unleashed Memories’ an Incredible 5/5 rating.

Kerrang issue 1066 (July 23rd 2005) and Lacuna Coil’s re-releases are available now.