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Lacuna Coil in Revolver Magazine

The February 2006 issue of Revolver Magazine includes and article on Lacuna Coil, focusing on the the upcoming album ‘Karmacode’. The article reveals three of the song titles on the album to be “Our Truth,” “Fragile,” and “In Visible Light.” These names were revealed to the press in a special listening session on the 23rd October at the Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium

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Lacuna Coil in Metal Edge Magazine

Lacuna Coil appear in the January 2006 issue of Metal Edge Magazine in an article entitled ‘Breaking the Code with Lacuna Coil’; in which Cristina Scabbia talks about the new album. According to Cristina:
“It’s definitely more aggresive..we are happy with the songs.”
Cristina also states that there will be a single prior to the release of the album but the band are having a hard time picking one and she goes on to say: “It will not be an album where just one song is good and he rest of the songs are awful. We put a lot of attention into every song, so we love them all”
The articles end with Cristina saying how they are looking forward to touring with new album, “We love each other to death and we’re totally ready to hit the road again with the new album. The root of Lacuna Coil has not changed at all.”

Lacuna Coil are also in Metal Edge’s ‘Top Ten Bands to Watch in 2006″

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Scala Review in Kerrang! Magazine

Lacuna Coil’s performance at the Scala in London on 26th October 2005 is reviewed in the November 12th edition of Kerrang Magazine.

The review gives the show a ‘Great’ four Ks and ends with:
And as if the acoustic set wasnt enough to make this a corker, they toss in not one but two long-awaited new tracks that further add weight to the suspicion that Lacuna Coils next move will see them going to new heights where such intimate nights as this will be even rarer.

Kerrang! issue 1082 is available now.

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