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Lacuna Coil in Decibel Magazine

According to, Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia has recently spoken to Decibel Magazine about the bands forthcoming album ‘Karmacode’.

“The album is a trip through different spiritualities, not specific religions,” Cristina said. “We wanted to analyze how religion and spirituality can in our day coexist. Look at the title Ñ we mix something generally spiritual like ‘karma’ with ‘code,’ which is modern and recent concept. The word is modern and spiritual at once.”

“The music is the same and we did not change or become a different kind of band. It’s an evolution, and it’s precise. We spent three years on the road, visiting new territories, like the U.S., so we took different American influences and we mixed them with our European sound. We take the power of American bands and blend it with the romanticism and passion from Europe, so it’s an interesting combination.”

Scabbia insists that Lacuna Coil are in the most positive headspace of their career and that the recording was relatively relaxed.

“I think that the wrong thing for a band to do is to feel pressure from the label or even the fans,” she said. “You have to be creative and do what you feel comfortable with. There is no set recipe for a successful album, so you don’t stress about it. If you think you have to do this or that, it will never work. You have to be honest and put out the music you like. At the end of the day, we don’t care. We’re satisfied.”

“Karmacode” is due to be released in March 2006 via Century Media Records.

Thanks to Neon and Blabbermouth Interview with Criz and Maus

On the last day of Lacuna Coil’s first UK tour I was lucky enough to catch up with Maus and Criz for an interview. The guys, who rarely give interviews, talked about the tour as well as a number of different subjects, from their favourite bands, where they like holiday, what they want to be remembered for, and more!

You can read the whole interview on Emptyspiral here…


Lacuna Coil in Kerrang! Magazine

The November 5th issue of UK magazine Kerrang! includes the article ‘The Songs that Changed My Life’ featuring Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia.

In the article Cristina picks out the nine songs most memorable to her, both good and bad. How Christendom by Paradise Lost turned her into a metalhead, how Survivor by Destinys Child is special to her, why she now hates Paradise City by G’N’R, and more.

Kerrang! issue 1081 is on sale now.