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Lacuna Coil FAQ 3.0 Published

Version 3.0 of the Official Lacuna Coil FAQ has been published today.
This version incorporates a significant amount of new information, including updates on Internet Links, Merchandise, Karmacode, and the singles from the album.

You can check out the FAQ here…


See Yourself on the Lacuna Coil Myspace!

The Lacuna Coil myspace wants to create a HUGE slide show of Lacuna Coil fans and are looking for photos of:

-You and the band
-Your drawings / paintings of the band member/s
-Your Lacuna Coil tattoo
-Your Lacuna Coil shrine of posters, photos, autographed merch, etc
-You dressing up as a band member (specify which member)
-Anything else that shows your love for the band.

All you have to do is:
1. Upload your photo to If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up. Its easy and free!
2. Send the link to your photo (URL) and your name to [email protected]


Audio Interview with Cristiano Migliore at VM Underground

VM Underground has interviewed Lacuna Coil guitarist Cristiano Migliore during the band’s tour with Danzig.
In the 30 minute audio interview Chris talks about touring, why the band covered ‘Enjoy The Silence’, a headline tour for 2007, recording the video for the next single to be released off Karmacode, and much more!

You can listen to the whole interview at the VM Underground website here…

Thanks to LC9023 for the information!


Andrea Ferro Tour Update

Century Media has posted the following report today

“Andrea Ferro (male vocals) checks in with the following report: ÒBlackest of The Black was a good experience, and we were especially excited to have a chance to tour again alongside our party bros Kenny and Johnny from Type O Negative, who helped out Danzig on this tour. We also had the chance to hit some places we never played before like Spokane, Santa Cruz, Tucson and Fresno, which were all amazing. The peopleÕs reactions were simply awesome. The last day in Santa Cruz, Danzig cancelled so we had to take the role of the headliner, which was all together a really cool experience.

ÒThis led us immediately into two really packed headlining shows in Mexico, where we were met with first class treatment. We haven’t played there since 2001, when we opened for Theatre of Tragedy. We did a signing session the first day and stayed for almost two hours. Eventually we had to leave, and the fans were following us grabbing our hair and screaming. We felt like the Beatles in the Ô60s! Both shows were truly amazing, and even if the technical conditions were not really appropriate, the crowd brought everything to a magic level. It’s always amazing how much these people appreciate the fact that you come to their country, they always have such a great time.

ÒWe just began the final portion of our touring for the year after joining up with In Flames, Seemless and The Sword. The first gig in Norfolk was very good, with a lot of people jumping and screaming, so things are already off to a really positive start. Rock on, and we will see you soon.Ó’

You can see the full report at Century Media’s website here…