Lacuna Coil to release ‘Dark Adrenaline’ Movie

Dark Adrenaline

Dark Adrenaline

Lacuna Coil have announced today that they intend to release a full length original DVD movie based on their most recent album ‘Dark Adrenaline’.  The band have already released six videos related to the album: The Injected, While You Sleep, Carnage Euphoria, The Human Box, All You Can Eat, The Sane Madness – all available on a DVD that accompanies special editions of the Dark Adrenaline album.

According to the announcement the original movie brings all those elements together into a ‘Dark gothic story inspired by the music from Dark Adrenaline that will finally reveal the answers to the numbers we’ve used over the years!’ The full plot has not been revealed but clues to it can be found on both on the special edition album art and in the lyrics on Dark Adrenaline.

The new movie, a yet unamed, will be released on DVD in a special package later this year and will include all six members of Lacuna Coil in various roles.


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