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Lacuna’s Plans for the next few Months

Tour News By Aug 11, 2003

New Tour Dates and Upcoming album news Lacuna Coil are now pleasing their fans with many tour dates over the East Coast in the US. They’re also gaining new fans by opening for big bands like Type-O Negative and Anthrax. The first tour dates supporting Type-O Negative has almost finished, and Lacuna Coil seem to attract and interest many Type-O…

Loads of Air Time!

In The Media By Aug 11, 2003

Lacuna Coil, after Boston’s WAAF radio station, started the ball rolling, are now being played on a number of stations throughout the US. Listen out for ‘Heavens a Lie’ on the following stations: WAAF Boston, MA (617) 931-1AAFWRUF Gainesville, FL (800) Rock104KMKF Topeka, KS (785) 776-1015WGIR Manchester, NH (603) 668-0234KAZR Milwaukee, WI (800) 449-1033WAMX Huntington, WV (304) 529-9269WKLQ Grand Rapids,…

Acoustic Music and Video download available

Emptyspiral News By Jul 25, 2003

I have added the music and video from the WAAF Radio station Acoustic session to the Downloads section.Be sure to check them out as they are amazing and prove both the power and beauty of Cristina’s voice, and the range in Andreas.The acoustic version of ‘Heavens a Lie’ is cool and the video of ‘Senzafine’ is very good with some…