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Pre-Orders for Black Anima Now Available


Pre-Orders for Lacuna Coil’s forthcoming album ‘Black Anima’ are now available at the Century Media Store.  There are various formats available, including a book version, complete with Tarot cards.

The tracklist for the album is:

  1. Anima Nera
  2. Sword Of Anger
  3. Reckless
  4. Layers Of Time
  5. Apocalypse
  6. Now Or Never
  7. Under The Surface
  8. Veneficium
  9. The End Is All I Can See
  10. Save Me
  11. Black Anima

You can check out all the versions, including the pink vinyl, Century Media Store here.


Lacuna Coil at the London Dungeon

Lacuna Coil - Black AnimaMetal Hammer and Century Media announced today that on September 6, the Lacuna Coil will be at the London Dungeon where they’ll take fans around the exhibits, then hold a Q&A session and exclusive playback of their new studio album Black Anima – more than a month before the record’s release on October 11! 

There will also be dungeon-themed cocktails on the day, with tickets going on sale this coming Friday (July 19) and all proceeds from sales will go to charity.

You can find out more information at the Metal Hammer website at www.loudersound.com/news/experience-the-terror-of-the-london-dungeon-with-lacuna-coil

We can’t wait!


Lacuna Coil Announce Black Anima

black-anima-smallLacuna Coil today announced the name and release date of their next album

Black Anima‘, the bands nine studio album, will be released on 11th October 2019, and follows their hugely success 2016 album Delirium. 

Cristina comments: “Black Anima is all of us. It’s you and it’s me, it’s everything we hide and fiercely expose to a world that’s halfway asleep. It is the fogged mirror we are peering into searching for the truth. It’s sacrifice and pain, it’s justice and fear, it’s fury and revenge, it’s past and future… Human beings in the magnificence of a disturbing ambiguity. The black core that balances it all… as without darkness light would never exist. We proudly present to you our new work and can’t wait to welcome you in our embrace. We are the Anima.”