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New articles, Interviews. and Images added

I have added a number of images to the gallery today, thanks to everyone who has submitted to Empty Spiral!

An article discussing the history of Gothic Metal, and Lacuna Coil, originally appearing in Metal Hammer magazine, is now available. You can read it here…
Terrorizer interviewed Cristina in issue 103 and the result was a very personal insight into Lacuna Coil’s frontwoman. It makes very interesting reading and can be found here…

Many thanks to blearyeyedme for these articles!


‘Queens of Noise’ article in Kerrang

The 975/October 4th issue of Kerrang magazine in the UK has a feature titled ‘Queens of Noise’ which discuses and interview 21 women that are currently influencing the rock music scene.

The women addressed is quite broad; including Sharon Osbourne (Mrs ‘Ozzy’), Amy Lee (Evanescence), Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Taria Turunen (Nightwish), and of course, Cristina Scabbia.

Lacuna Coil’s frontwoman gets a page length interview…


Lacuna Coil in Revolver Magazine

At the end of a long interview with Evanescence in the September edition of Revolver magazine, there is a section entitled –“Iron Maidens
Like Evanescence? Then check out Lacuna Coil, Tapping the Vein, and The Gathering. Three other Goth-flavoured, female-fronted hard rock bands”

There is a section for each of the named bands…