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Spotlight on Cristiano at

On The Web By Jun 13, 2004

As part of their ‘HellÕs AÕ PoppinÕ!’ special feature on Ozzfest, the interviews Cristiano Migliore. In it, he discusses such topics as how he writes his music, pop music in Italy, and being part of a metal band in Italy saying that: ÒWeÕre the only Italian band to make it to Ozzfest, and, in Italy, we get two different…

Preorder Swamped Single and 2CD Comalies online

On The Web By May 28, 2004

The UK Amazon website has both the Swamped single – due for release on 7th June and the Limited 2CD version of Comalies – for release on June 21st, available for preorder. No cover art is available yet, but you can order Swamped here and Comalies here… The Nuclear Blast online also has both available for preorder. You can purchase…

Lacuna Coil Competition at Drac-in-a-Box

On The Web By Mar 28, 2004

As reported on the Senzafine yahoo group, Drac-In-A-Box supplied the dress used by Cristina in the ‘Heavens a Lie’ video directed by Patric Ullaeus. To celebrated the collaboration Drac-in-a-Box are holding a Lacuna Coil Competition to give away merchandice supplied by the band. The merchandice includes signed CDs, signed black and white photographs and the aforemented video.If you’d like to…