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 Post subject: Death's Jester
 Post Posted: Mon May 16, 2011 3:32 pm 
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I've actually taken my "Without a King" song and place it into a concept that i'm writing. It's about a Jester name Jacques whose loses his king and family to an uprising. He decides to take revenge on those who killed his family and king. this is the story right now. obviously the instrumentals are just planned and have no titles yet. this is darker writing than what i normally do but i like the concept so i'm running with it.

Part(pt.) 1 untitled (instrumental) light, jovial.
Liner note: setting the tone of a medieval era of a country that is ruled by a king. bringing us into the palace of the king. the main character is Jacques, the king’s jester.

Pt. 2 What I Am (Jacques singing)

From dawn ‘til dusk
I’m a Jester for my king
no greater purpose
than this
to bring a smile to his face

My father was, I am, my son will be
the jester of the king
to bring a smile to his face

Some want to be greater than what they are
move past their position in life
I know my place, my destiny
to perform for his Majesty]

Call me a knave, call me a fool
I don’t really care
you try to be what you’re not
I pity you

My life’s role is clear
You think there’s no honor in amusing my lord
entertaining at his whims
this is what I was meant to be



(king) Where is the court Jester?
bring him forth
(Jacques) Hear am I, my King
What does thou wish of me


...To perform for his Majesty....
Liner note: Jacques is explaining his love of being the king’s jester to a couple of commoners and servants. He was raised to be a jester and it is his purpose in life. He knows he can’t aspire to anything else because he is a son of a jester and, besides, what’s better than being a jester. Some of the commoners & servants tell him that he could be so much more and do whatever he wants. Jacques responds by saying he knows his place and his destiny. “it’s you that haven’t come to terms with your destiny. Happiness comes from when you know who you are.”

Pt. 3 untitled (instrumental) dark, fast and horror-like
Liner note: Screams and shouts are coming from all over the palace. The smell of smoke and burning cloth fills the air. The clanking of metal and hatred fills everyone’s ears. As Jacques turns around to see what’s going on, everything goes black.

Pt. 4 Freedom’s Price (Idealist commoners and Jacques sing: IC & Jac)

(IC) You have been set free
from his awful tyranny
free to be all that you’ve dreamed of
to even find true love

(Jac) Where am I?
What have you done?
Where is my wife and son?
They were in the servants wing
waiting for my return

(IC) We have given you your freedom
to do all that you’ve ever wanted
grasp this chance in your hands
never having to cower before what another has said

(Jac) Why won’t you answer me?
Where is my family;
my wife, my son?
What have you done?

(IC) We rescued you from his court
and locked the king, his guards, his loyalists inside
and burned it all down
a fire so hot, it burned our eyes


(Jac) Walking on smoldering embers
where my home used to stand
this is where they died
my world has been shattered
I found the two crosses I made them
charred and laid in blackened land
my beautiful wife is gone
my small boy, my son, is forever lost

Why am I alive?
My wife is dead
my son lies in an ashen grave
Why was I saved?

Where is my purpose?
How do I continue?
I have no purpose
no family to guide me through

What have I done?
I failed my wife and son...
Liner note: Jacques has awoken in a tattered tent-like camp surrounded by dirty and ragged commoners. They inform him of his “rescue” from the king & his servitude and is now free to do whatever he wants. Jacques inquires after his family, twice, and is told that these “idealist” commoners have burned down the castle with the king inside and all those that followed him. Jacques raced to the castle to find it left in ruins and ashes. Dark smoke continues to rise from the smoldering embers. As he walks over the remains of the castle, Jacques finds the two metal cross necklaces his wife and son wore lying in the ashes. His family is gone. His world is lost. He starts walking back in a somber self-blaming attitude.

Pt. 5 Without a King (Jacques sings)

This world to me
is a series of walls
to keep me from being free..
to set my eyes to the ground

I’m a Jester without a king
a man so incomplete
no purpose to perform
my world is an empty court

Did I miss my turn
down a path I should have gone?
colors fade to grey
leaving me alone in the wastes]

Searching for someone
or something to color my world
to provide the slightest sense
for what I should have done

I’m a Jester without a king
a man so incomplete
no reason to be
an empty world is my home


Where is the one I need
to be the sun to my moon
to complete my circle
for me to finally believe

I’m a Jester without a king
a man so incomplete
with no reason for being
no purpose for life



I am lost
in a world
I’ve known all to well
so vacant and cold
colorless and void
I know it to well

I’m a Jester
without my king
a soul without a purpose
Love without its heart
nothing left but a cold
grey, vacant world
my home, my court
my life without

What’s the purpose in a name
if there’s no one to share it with
no one to introduce
all is the same
forever grey...

I am.. a Jester
without my king...
Liner note: Jacques is walking back to the “idealist” camp thinking to was has happened to his life in this short amount of time. Performing, burned castles, killed king, murdered wife and child. How did he fail to let this happen? He held the two crosses to his chest as he continued walking crying for his lost family and world. He lost his king, his wife, his son.... He wrenches in the thoughts of his lost family, he feels there’s no purpose to his life.

Pt. 6 Pride (Jacques sings angrily)


Because of YOU!

They are all gone
You’ve murdered them all
Destroying my world
taken away my king, my destiny
Murdered my wife, my son, my family
I’m left with nothing
but my hate

I’ve lost my purpose in life
my reasons for being
I must find one, anew]

You murdered my innocent one
for your zealous ideal
a ridiculous belief that none
will ever have to kneel


I see the fear in your eyes
as they stare into mine
I feel your spirit cry out
calling for help in anyway
your belief has been defied
as my hand crushes it all away

I’ve lost my purpose in life
my reasons for being
I must find one, anew
Yes, I know which will do
Punishment and revenge]


I change my face
with your life
a new dripping, crooked smile
the first seven to pay
for the sins, deadly
I have taken it from you
Your Pride

Liner note: Jacques returns to the “idealist” camp to find only 7 of them are there now. As he sees them, a burning rage burns to the surface of his mind and lashes out at them. Jacques attacks them yelling out hate and venom and cursing them for what they’ve done to him. As he is killing the last “idealist”, he realizes what his new purpose is. To punish all of these sinners. He finds a knife and carves into each of the bodies the word “Pride” and paints his new smile with their blood.

Pt. 7 Reckoning (Jacques sings)

What have I done?
Where did this knife come from?
There’s blood all around
And seven dead bodies on the floor
laying before me
with one word

(They had to pay, they had to pay)
What is this, some sort of game?
(They had to pay, they had to pay)
Who is talking?
(They had to pay, they had to pay)
What is going on......
(They had to pay, they had to pay)]

I must make it to the city
there are seven dead
I have to inform someone
a murderer is on the loose



Out of breath, to tired to move
I need to rest for a while
I see my reflection in the water
Blood on my face...
On their crosses....

(They had to pay, they had to pay)
What is this, some sort of game?
(They had to pay, they had to pay)
Who is talking?
(They had to pay, they had to pay)
What is going on....

They had to Pay, They had to Pay
For what they’ve done to my king, wife and Son
Liner note: Jacques awakens from his blood-frenzied state to see 7 dead bodies. He naturally freaks and runs away from the scene, making his way to the nearest town. On the way, he hears a voice saying “They had to pay.” He freaks out again thinking the murder is following him and thinks he is next. Jacques finally runs out of strength and sits by a riverside and sees his reflection in the water. Blood covering his face in a smile and blood smattered on his family’s crosses that he put around his neck. Then it all floods back to him. “THEY HAD TO PAY”

Pt. 8 untitled (instrumental) dark, evil, malicious; with light, nighttime city feel at the end
Liner note: Jacques makes his way to the nearest city with every intent of continuing his work. However, he is not running there like before but slowly and steadily walking forth. Reminding himself over and over again of the reason for this and burning it into his mind. He reaches a tree lined ridge that looks over the city. Jacques stares down into the lighted city, with an evil grin across his face, knowing he’ll find more of those sinners that need to pay.

If it has made you colder
Turning your life for justice
They have learned to obey
Broken the rules i followed
Burning for name so hollow
I will learn to obey....(Charon)

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