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 Post Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:59 pm 
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Written nearly a year and a half ago, I believe, as a journal entry, this was just too funny to pass up. I was taking an "American Literature before 1865" class, and I was getting into the language, and the way they wrote and spoke in those times... I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.


So it begins with my alarm clock ringing in my ear, as though it had nothing better to do than bother me after only six and a half hours of sleep. Silencing it and rolling over again, a brief time now passed, I was awoken by my mother, who was wanting to know whether I had to work today or not. "Well of course I have to work today," I mumbled in my half-dazed tone of voice. "Then you'd better get up, it's almost seven thirty." Late for work, what could be better!?

Showering and dressing myself, no problems there; but styling my hair, that's a task to be commended, if done right! Sweeping the brush this way while spraying the hair-spray the other, all while fumbling the hair-dryer, which runs at a lower speed than the previous one we had. It didn't come out exactly how I had planned, but who was to care? Whether I be commended on my style or not, at least it was groomed.

Arriving at work, only twenty minutes late, as opposed to my normal, and now routine, ten minutes, I sat at my desk and proceeded to check my ever glorious and profoundly obtuse email. Greeted by those offering me Masters Degrees and Doctorates for only $99.95, as well as ways to enlarge my --, I did receive something worth taking a look at, an email from my good friend Eric. Before we venture any further, let me tell the tale of the mighty Eric, a jack of many trades, and a trader of absolutely jack!

Eric, whom I've known now for the good part of eight or nine months, had been a friend of my former roommate, Tony, of whom both Eric and I acted as band members of Tony's masterful concept, in which Tony named Your Father's Fight. After the many, many gatherings and rehearsals we endured, the grand total of which was two, the three of us parted our separate ways due to creative differences, among others. As Eric became the new lead guitarist of my now former, but then present, band, North Origin, we became quite good friends. It turns out that both Eric and I share very similar interests in music, in both what we listen to and what we desire to write. This, along with our sparked friendship and patience with each other, was the common ground basis for us to start, none other than, our own band!

So, back to Eric's long awaited and long overdue response to my email sent a week earlier, I was informed of his adventures in seeing one of his favorite bands live, Radiohead. His letter went something to the effect of: "blah blah blah, Radiohead, blah blah blah." A quite fascinating read for a young man, half-asleep and wishing he were drifting through the darkest night, asleep, no more, in the stary light. Among other intricate details, many of which bear no concern to the public eye, this was just what I needed in order to quickly revive my spirits and reply with an even longer letter, driven by even more periods and commas, along with even more sentences consisting of the ever famous, "blah blah blah."

As it turns out, I was quite thirsty and it just so happened to be a quarter past eight; the bookstore was open! Off to retrieve my hourly Mountain Dew, I left in a hurry, hoping to escape the evil grip of the Provost, of whom is known as the keeper of a prison! Whilst I was enjoying my hourly rush of carbonated caffeine, I suddenly realized I was to read a story for my literature class; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, the story of Ichabod Crane, not Johnny Depp. Between hurriedly reading the twenty page novel, a piece of literature comparative of War and Peace, replying to divers emails and answering the telephone, I was in no way satisfied by a feeling of repose. Then off to class I went.

Having only reached the half-way point in my novel, my stomach turned with fear of an exam, and with the hope of a passing time. Luckily, the class was spent discussing Thomas Paine and his sarcastic and dumbed-down religious views as well as his own rationalization of God. Quite a class period it was! This, along with Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, had the whole class stirring with a desire to go home and back to bed. Fortunate for many, myself included, no exam was given, but that of a warning of one for the next class period!

So to end my brief novel: take a chill pill, relax, have some snacks and help some needy people.


Trying to believe in hairy faith since 2002.

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