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 Post Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 10:39 pm 
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- Who runs the forums?

The forums are run and paid for by Matt, the administrator, with help from a team of moderators. The current team is GKnight, hopefordeath1, XxEMPTYSPIRALxX and blearyeyedme

- I'm a new member. Eek!

Don't worry! The best place to visit first is The Lobby forum. Here you can introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you. All new members are warmly welcomed, and has a well-deserved reputation for being friendly, welcoming and accepting. Post counts aren't a big issue here either, new members aren't treated as being 'inferior' as on some other forums, and it won't take long before you get to know the community. is the only board many people go to, and I'm sure you'll see why.

- My avatar / sig / account isn't working. What do I do?

First, take a look at the FAQ. If you can't find an answer there, have a look at the Site Problems and ES General forums. There's a good chance you'll find an answer there, as many members have come into similar and common difficulties. If you can't find an answer or relevant help in the FAQ, Site Problems and ES General forums, then feel free to start a thread in the Site Problems forum, explaining the nature of your problem. Other members, the mods and admin will endeavour to help you very quickly, and most problems are quickly resolved.

- What am I allowed to post?

The full details are in the Forum Rules, which every member should read. Basically, use your common sense and respect other members. Posts containing graphic imagery (pornography, overly violent images etc.) and offensive (Sexist, racist and other prejudiced content, deliberate attacks on other members etc.) content are prohibited. Open discussions on substance abuse and drugs are not allowed - Emptyspiral has no age limit and as such has a responsibility to it's younger members. Avoid duplicate threads, and please use the 'Search' button to see if a thread on the same topic has been started before. Very excessive post whoring (pointless posts, posts just designed to increase your post cost) is looked upon dimly. The rules are only there to allow the forums to be a good place for discussion, and as such really aren't draconian or excessive.

- What happens if I break the rules?

Posts that break the forum rules are normally locked or deleted, and the member responsible will be warned, either in that thread, via PM, or both. Every member is given a his or her fair share of chances, and banning is seen only as a last resort. Only an exceptionally tiny number of Emptyspiral's 12,000+ members have ever been warned, let alone banned. Again, using a little common sense and having a little respect is all that is needed to avoid breaking the rules in any way.

- What thread types should I avoid?

I'm glad you asked me that. The following thread types have been seen before or are not appreciated, and hence should be avoided:

-Threads comparing Lacuna Coil and Evanescence, Cristina Scabbia and Amy Lee etc. ~ These threads have been done to death, and rarely if ever does a new thread add anything to the discussion. There are Ev threads to post in, all of which are here. We're not banning threads on Evanescence, only discouraging unnecessary comparisons between Ev and LC.
-Threads regarding the private lives of the members of Lacuna Coil ~ Simply no-ones' business, these threads are normally locked and deleted.
-Pointless Threads ~ Seems to be stating the obvious, but please make sure your thread has a point, and that other members can contribute.
-Duplicate Threads ~ As with almost every other forum on the internet ever, a simple rule here is "it is *always* better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one". Use the 'Search' button to look for older threads on the same subject. Some threads, such as ones for recent concerts, and ones regarding specific members or albums, are very likely to already exist, so if you use the search button you'll find them in no time!
-Needless and/or deliberately inflammatory threads on religion (or other sensitive subjects) ~ These usually deteriorate quickly, as may be expected of threads on such a sensitive subject. Make sure you know *exactly* what the point of the thread is, or don't start it at all.

- What should I post where?

The forums are constantly evolving but here are the current forums and what goes on in them:

Lacuna Coil – General. This is for open discussion on the band, and you’ll likely find topics such as how people discovered LC, where to buy t-shirts, what magazines the band have appeared in, etc. You’ll also find information on the Lacuna Coil FAQ (which is a really informative read) which is maintained and updated by If you have a general question about LC, and it hasn’t been asked before, then this is the place to ask away!

Lacuna Coil – Tours. As the name suggests, this is the forum to look for and discuss LC tours. Here you’ll find links to pictures, personal reviews, as well as requests and other tour-related information.

Lacuna Coil – Music. This is the forum to talk about the music and lyrics of LC. Here you’ll find topic discussing the lyrics or meaning of a particular song, favourite albums, as well as guitar tabs.

The Lobby - Make it your first place to drop in. Say hello, introduce yourself and maybe even post a picture.

Other Music - doesn’t restrict itself to just Lacuna Coil. In the Other Music forum you’ll find discussions on a range of different music and bands. Check out some of the topics and you may discover something new!

All You Own Work - Feeling creative and want to share? This is the place for you. Whether it’s a picture, poem, drawing, website, and whether it’s LC related or not, let us have a look at your creation!

Just for Fun - Literally just for fun, here you'll find links to fun sites, word games, and 'time killers'. There is little discussion in this forum, but it's a fun place to hang out.

Open Chat -’s ‘lounge’ has topics of conversation on just about everything. From movies to politics, from food to religion, and even grilled cheese, it’s all here!

Fanclub - As an official Lacuna Coil fanclub we sometimes have the chance to put on competitions or other events. This is where they will be announced.

ES General - This forum is for general announcements and discussions about Here you’ll find the Forum Rules, information about any new features, and it’s also here you can post suggestions or questions about the site’s content.

Site Problems - As previously described, This is the forum to ask for help or advice on resolving problems relating to Someone will be pleased to help you!

The Archive - From time to time old threads are moved into The Archive so that they don’t clutter up the forum. Feel free to post in them though and they will possibly be moved back into the main forums for renewed discussion.

- Forum oddities

Like any forum of the size of Emptyspiral, there are a number of in-jokes and oddities surrounding it. Just a few are:

Wheat toast is the most metaaaal!! food on the earth
If you reach 666 posts, you become 'The Beast' until you next post. Any Iron Maiden fans or those with some knowledge of the Bible will know why Razz. You may start a thread if you like, commemorating your achievement of reaching that number. There are a few other such numbers with special titles, you'll have to find them for yourself.
Sevant_Of_Satan is the most smileytastic member of ES ever, xjoeyx has her own cult of followers and Malatusis is a disciple of Simon&Garfunkel. Far more were mentioned in the ES Forum Awards '04. 'Doug' is the most underrated, and some say hottest, member of Lacuna Coil.

There are many more...

That concludes the Forum Guide, now what are you waiting for...?

Get posting and have fun!

Malatusis and Matt 8th Feb 2005

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