More US Tour Dates

Starting on 25th July Lacuna Coil will be touring with Type-O Negative, playing sixteen dates upto the 13th August.
Not stopping for a moment they will then play another twelve dates with Anthrax.
Finally they will play another eight dates again with Type-O Negative.


More Radio Air Time

In addition to playing on WAAF in Boston, ‘Heavens a Lie’ can also be heard in the US on the following stations:

WRUF Gainesville, FL (800) Rock104
KMKF Topeka, KS (785) 776-1015
WGIR Manchester, NH (603) 668-0234
KAZR Milwaukee, WI (800) 449-1033

Hurrah! Hopefully the list will continue to expand…


Acoustic Session on WAAF

Those people in Boston are so lucky, I reckon that they have the best radio station in the World! Not only did they interview Lacuna Coil, but the band also played an acoustic session of three songs: Aeon, Heavens a Lie, and Senzafine.

Hopefully the Interview will be available for download from in a couple of days.

And if you know how the the radio can me listened over the net (realaudio stream…?) please let me know ’cause the playlist is cool! :-)