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More Exclusive Album Answers from Lacuna Coil!

Lacuna Coil have answered more questions submitted by fans through Emptyspiral! Here are this weeks answers to your questions..

Any ‘concept’ for the album?

ANDREA: No concept. Just a collection of songs inspired by all of the events that we have experienced in the past couple of years. For some of us, it was some really dark times.

Is the direction still “Heavier and Darker” or has it changed since ?

ANDREA: Absolutely, some stuff is pretty tight, probably the heaviest we have ever written. But then we have some cool songs with a dark ÒoldschoolÓ vibe, and then some other rocking songs which are a bit more modern and anthemic sounding.

CRISTINA: I just want you all to listen to it Ôcause I think the old fans will be pleased as well as the new fans. The collection of songs are the perfect balance between an older and a newer style of rock metal – with a heavy punch and melancholic shadows.
It’s hard to describe musicÉ I hope you can just enjoy the trip with us!

If you want to ask your own question about the forthcoming album you can do so in our forums or on our Facebook page.

Look out for more questions soon!


Lacuna Coil Answers Fans Questions on The New Album

As previously reported, Lacuna Coil have commenced the recording of their new album and, starting this week, will be answering fan-submitted questions exclusively on Emptyspiral!

Here are the first answers to your questions..

How many songs are written yet ?

ANDREA: All of the songs for the album have been written and weÕre now working on the lyrics. Obviously in the studio some things are gonna change a little bit, but weÕve been quite severe with ourselves and weÕve been throwing lots of stuff in the bin, even before it makes it to a demo.

CRISTINA: We definitely write constantly!ÊWhether it’s a whole song idea, or a riff, or a vocal melody, we collect everything we create, and this time it’s a LOT of stuff!ÊNot all of the material is going to be used for album, or for bonus tracks though… but we still have it all and we keep it. There’s always something interesting to go back to and re-listen to again!

Have you thought about doing a super fan packaging, like super classy and super expensive ?

ANDREA: ‘That is actually a pretty good idea! I would love to create something special for our loyal fans. WeÕll need to talk about it with the label and see what we can do. Maybe it could be something special for the 10th anniversary of COMALIES which is coming up next year.’

CRISTINA: ‘It’s definitely in the air. In the download era I’m still convinced that the material copy of an album is still something cool to have in your hands. Even more so if it’s protected by beautiful box enriched with a stunning graphic, visual and artistic ideas, plus gadgets. I personally have TONS of ideas… but with these ideas the cost of the final product might end up being waaaay too high!’

Keep an eye on Emptyspiral for the next set of answers!


Lacuna Coil Commence Recording Of New Studio Album

Lacuna Coil have started recording the follow up to their highly successful 2009 ÒShallow LifeÓ album which spawned the hit singles ÒSpellboundÓ and ÒI WonÕt Tell YouÓ. The band are once again working with producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine), this time choosing to record in their native Italy to help focus on the more personal nature of the new material.

ÒThis time around music has been our refuge from some of the darkest days of our life and that’s why the new songs have such a variety of feelings… some stuff is pretty angry, probably the heaviest we’ve ever written, some other songs are intense, loaded with velvet dark emotions and there’s even a little space for some light at the end of the tunnelÓ, says Lacuna Coil co-vocalist Andrea Ferro. ÒPeople are askin’ me if we’re going back to our roots or if we’re taking another step forward in a new direction… well to be honest I just feel that this is 100% a LACUNA COIL record and that is what really matters to me. I just love the songs and we felt a big wave of inspiration. The energy with Don in the studio is sky-high and we’re ready to kick some ass.Ó

ÒCollectively, we did so much in between ÔShallow lifeÕ and this one. We have lots of different experiences between us,Ó continues co-vocalist Cristina Scabbia. ÒWe’ve been loved and hurt, we grew up, we shrunk inside a little keeping ourselves together and our roots watered and are alive. I still can’t believe that the energy in between us is getting better and better, but I guess that’s what being a real family means.Ó

The as-of-yet untitled album is roughly scheduled for a release in the fall of 2011 on Century Media Records.

Starting this week, the band will be answering weekly fan submitted questions about the new album here at EmptySpiral.net!

Once Lacuna Coil completes the sessions for the new album, they will spend the summer performing at a select handful of European summer festivals, including Greenfield, Graspop and Sonisphere Spain.

ÒSummer means amazing energy from a lot of sweaty kids in front of a stage headbanging and jumping with us!Ó says Cristina. Ò I CAN’T wait to be up there again with LACUNA COIL. You better be there because we are ABSOLUTELY ready to rock you all!Ó

You can check out all the upcoming live dates in our Tours Section.


Cristina Posts Facebook Video with Album Update

Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia has shares some news on the forthcoming album in a new video she has posted to Facebook. In video Cristina tells us that the band are currently demo-ing tracks, intend to go in to the studio to record the album very soon, and are planning on releasing the album this year.

You can view the video on Cristina’s official Facebook page here..


Lacuna Coil Discuss the new album in Kerrang! Magazine

Lacuna Coil are one of the bands featured in ‘Albums of 2011′ in the January 01 2011 issue of UK’s Kerrang! magazine. in the article Cristina Scabbia talks about the, as yet, untitled album, stating that:
‘he band are more inspired by the dark side of life than anything else right now, and I’m pretty sure the new album will be darker and heavier because of that.’

Cristina goes on to say that they are continuing to explore the rock sound and they haven’t yet decided on a record producer adding:
‘we’ll let the music dictate that, but we’re excited for whatever direction it takes us.’

You can read the full article in issue no. 1344 of Kerrang magazine, available now.