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Lacuna Coil Review in Kerrang Magazine

201802-KerrangThe 3rd February issue of Kerrang! magazine features a review of Lacuna Coil’s 20th Anniversary on the 19th January. The review talks about the visual spectacle of the show as well as reflecting on the setlist that spans the bands whole career.  

Reviewer James Mackinnon ends his four ‘K’ review with ‘this may have been a one-night-only affair, but it’s the celebration of a lifetime’. 


Lacuna Coil Live Review in Kerrang Magazine

K1543coverThe London show of Lacuna Coil’s Broken Crown Halo tour is reviewed in the November 15th issue of UK rock magazine Kerrang! and they give it an excellent 4Ks!  The magazine has this to say:

“If Motionless In White’s hammering display is the musical equivalent of a Saw film, then Lacuna Coil’s is more akin to a Dario Argento cult horror classic – stylishly presented and operatic in scope. According to singer Cristina Scabbia – tonight dressed like she’s broken out of an asylum in a wedding dress – their approach has always  come from the uncomplicated wish that their their audiences “leave here with a smile on [their] faces”. It’s one they achieve once more tonight, through the simple formula of having huge songs (including Heavens a Lie and their excellent cover of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence) flawlessly performed – with Cristina’s vocal performance proving particularly exceptional.  And by the time Our Truth caps off the evening in a flurry of red and black balloons, it’s clear that Lacuna Coil are the kings and queen of Hallowe’en +1.”

Issue 1543 of Kerrang! is available now.


Behind The Scenes At The Kerrang Photo-shoot

In February I was invited to join Andrea and Cristina for a photo-shoot for Kerrang Magazine.  We met in the lobby of the building, not are from Forbidden Planet in central London and went up to the office cum studio that was going to be used.  Over the course of the next couple of hours I got to chat to Lacuna Coil’s singers, and take photos of them preparing for the photo-shoot as well as the shoot itself.

Here is a selection of the images from our gallery and, as you can see there were some funny moments during the shoot, including an invasion by American rock band Steel Panther!





Lacuna Coil in Kerrang Magazine

kerrang-issue1509-mar22-2014Lacuna Coils Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia are featured in the March 22nd issue of UK rock magazine Kerrang! in a two page article entitled ‘Winter Is Coming’.

In the article Kerrang reflects on the history of the band, including the recent retirement of Cristiano ‘Pizza’ Migliore and drummer Cristiano ‘CriZ’ Mozzati, and how this  Lacuna Coils approach to the creation of their album ‘Broken Crown Halo’.

Issue 1509 of Kerrang is available now.


Cristina in Kerrang! Magazine

Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia features in the October 20th issue of UK rock magazine Kerrang! In the article, entitled ‘Scream Idol’, Cristina talks about how she joined the band, what she is like off-stage; a life that she describes as almost boringly normal.

Cristina says “I’ve never been a fan of getting completely shit-faced so you can’t remember anything the day after.  I don’t judge what anyone does but it feels like a waste of time to me. I don’t go to many big events and I don’t go to every concert in town because I spend half my life in venues. If I know the musicians I might go along and say hi but otherwise I’m happier spending my time away from the band with family and friends.”

She goes onto discuss her image on the social networks and what keeps her singing.

You can read the full article in issue #1438 of Kerrang! Magazine – available now.