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Shallow Life Review by Matt

Shallow Life CoverI am one of the lucky few that has had the opportunity to listen to Lacuna Coil’s forthcoming album ‘Shallow Life’. The album, which is released on the 20th April, sees the band continue on their journey to challenge music genres with a new level of diversity.

You can read my review of Shallow Life in our Reviews Section.

Remember, if you can’t wait to hear the album yourself, Lacuna Coil are previewing the whole album through their Official Myspace from Thursday 9th April for one week!


Shallowlife Review by Jason

Shallow Life CoverEmptyspiral Community member Jason has reviewed Lacuna Coil’s forthcoming album Shallowlife.
In his review, Jason takes us through each of the songs on the album. He concludes with:

Shallow Life is a glorious departure from previous Lacuna Coil albums and should be a huge hit. Whether you are a fan of metal, goth or rock there is something for everyone on the album. The band shows that they can play a diverse selection of music and still keep their roots intact. With the changes come the fact that for the first time the band doesn’t play an Italian lyric song for a studio album. Instead they rise to a groundbreaking new level in which genres are twisted and labels don’t exist. After many years of working hard at concerts for their fans, Lacuna Coil are now on the brink of breaking out and having crossover success in the mainstream. They are back and stronger than ever.

You can read the whole review here…