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Spotlight on Cristiano at

As part of their ‘HellÕs AÕ PoppinÕ!’ special feature on Ozzfest, the interviews Cristiano Migliore. In it, he discusses such topics as how he writes his music, pop music in Italy, and being part of a metal band in Italy saying that:
ÒWeÕre the only Italian band to make it to Ozzfest, and, in Italy, we get two different reactions. Some people are jealous. They say we suck, we have a girl in the band, and we donÕt deserve to be on the tour. Other people see this as an opportunity for more Italian bands to be discovered. ItÕs like living in a small town where everyone has something to say about your business.Ó

You can read the interview, as well as others at the site here…


Lacuna Coil Prize Draws

The recent Century Media Newsletter mentions a couple of Lacuna Coil Prize Draws:

1-Lacuna Coil – One grand prize winner will win a Sony Camcorder as well as albums from POD, Blindside, Lacuna Coil and Hazen Street! Click here to enter.

2-: Order now the OZZFEST edition of Lacuna CoilÕs Comalies CD and be one of 10 lucky winners to receive an autographed Lacuna Coil photo. Celebrate Lacuna CoilÕs appearance on OZZFEST and be sure to own the OZZFEST edition of Comalies, now reissued with 9 bonus tracks, including live and acoustic tracks, as well as the videos for HeavenÕs A Lie and Swamped. So order now, and on July 1st we will pick TEN LUCKY WINNERS who bought the OZZFEST edition of Lacuna CoilÕs Comalies CD. Be sure to catch Lacuna Coil on OZZFEST 2004’s Second Stage, and get ready to be rocked by the force that is Lacuna Coil.
– Orders must be received by June 30th, 11:59PM (Midnight) PST!
– Offer valid for Canadian & U.S. Residents ONLY!
– Offer valid for INTERNET ORDERS paid with CREDIT CARD ONLY!

We’re not quite sure exactly where you’re supposed to Order CD yet, so if you do find out feel free to let us know!

My thanks to celticyodels for keeping us informed..


Vote for ‘Swamped’

In addition to being able to vote for Lacuna Coil’s ‘Swamped’ on MTV2s Rock Countdown (as reported here), Century Media Germany reports that you can also vote for the video in the following ways:

Viva Plus (D):
You can leave your vote for the Century Media videos on their voting show “Rock/Alternative” every week Monday 9 am till Friday 2.30 pm via phone or online! phone +49 (0) 1 3 7 8 – 4 0 0 2- 93 (Û 0,49 per call from landline)or online: You can also vote for the clip at “Get The Clip Rock”. This one only works by phone, so you can call on Wednesdays from 8 pm till 10 pm! phone +49 (0) 1 3 7 8 – 4 0 0 2- 38 (Û 0,49 per call from landline)

The Box (NL):
You can vote for the clip at the show ãOn The RoxxÒ! For the people in the Netherlands it means to dial:+31 (0) 909-9798 ( Û 0,70 per minute from landline) and you will be led through a menu. The clipcode for the ãSwampedÒ clip is 729. You can call on Wednesdays 9 pm to 2 am next morning only! More infos on:

MTV (I):
ÒSwampedÓ entered the MTV playlist in HOT rotation (12 / 15 plays per week)More Infos on (click on ÒTVÓ and then ÒTRLÓ)

Scuzz (UK):
Scuzz is available to Sky TV viewers (satellite & digital) on EPG (electronic programming guide) number 471 as well as to ntl:home viewers. The clip number for “Swamped” is 005. Find more infos and the playlist on

It’s time to get voting everyone!