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London Dungeon Black Anima Event Report

dungeon-1In a unique event Lacuna Coil fans were treated to a very special evening at The London Dungeon on Friday 6th September.  Not only did some of us get to tour the Dungeon (as well as being jumped by Cristina and Andrea in a plague doctor costumes!),  we also had a few drinks, a Q&A session with Andrea and Cristina, and then a listen to the whole of Black Anima.  If that’s not enough, we also found out that the nominal cost for this wonderful evening was being given to charity!  

You can read all about the event in a special report from Metal Hammer who, with Century Media and of course the London Dungeon, organised this for fans. 

As for Black Anima…You’ll have to wait for the full review – soon…


Metal Hammer rate The 20 Best Lacuna Coil songs

mh-20-best-songsMetal Hammer magazine have published ‘The 20 Best Lacuna Coil songs of all time’, according to votes received from their readers.  Lists like this are always contentious; there are some obvious choices as well as few surprises, but we can’t deny that there are some great songs here.  

No surprises what number 1 is though!

Check out the list at Metal Hammer here





Lacuna Coil at the London Dungeon

Lacuna Coil - Black AnimaMetal Hammer and Century Media announced today that on September 6, the Lacuna Coil will be at the London Dungeon where they’ll take fans around the exhibits, then hold a Q&A session and exclusive playback of their new studio album Black Anima – more than a month before the record’s release on October 11! 

There will also be dungeon-themed cocktails on the day, with tickets going on sale this coming Friday (July 19) and all proceeds from sales will go to charity.

You can find out more information at the Metal Hammer website at www.loudersound.com/news/experience-the-terror-of-the-london-dungeon-with-lacuna-coil

We can’t wait!


New Vinyl releases of Comalies and In A Reverie

in-a-reverie-largeCentury Media are to release new limited LP vinyls of Lacuna Coil’s albums ‘Comalies’ and ‘In A Reverie’ on the 23rd August 2019.  

‘Comalies’ will be available in Black, Yellow, and Clear editions.  In A Reverie will be available in Black, Lilac, and transparent Blue editions. All LPs will also contain a CD version of the album.

You can pre-order the vinyls at the Century Media website here