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Lacuna Coil in Kerrang Magazine

Kerrang! #1045 mentions Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia in the side-bar entitled ‘Ladies of the Night’, which accompanies the magazine’s review of Within Temptation’s ‘Silent Force’, and lists other ‘gothic sirens’. Of Cristina the magazine has this to say:
At 33, Cristina is something of an elder stateswoman of the scene (indeed some accuse Evanescence of being mere Lacuna Coil copyists). She once gave an entertaining interview with K! in which she raved about a film called ‘Attack Of The Cock Faced Killer’. “There’s this killer,” she explained, “and he’s got this mask with a big cock on it”

Kerrang! #1045 is on sale now, and incidently the aforementioned interview can be read here…


Lacuna Coil in ‘Metal Hammer’ Magazine

Lacuna Coil are featured in Metal Hammer Magazines monthly ‘Spanish Inquisition’ in the March 2005 issue (#137). Primed with questions submitted by readers, Metal Hammer asked Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia about what it’s like being compared to other female fronted metal bands, whether they would do a shoot for Playboy, how the new album is coming on, and more.
The magazine also includes a review of the bands performance in December 2004 at Hammersmith in London giving the overall show a rating of 9 and summarising the performance as follows:

“For In Flames, Lacuna Coil and Chimaira, this was an opportunity to prove they’ll all made the transition to new levels. And in years to come, this will be regarded as a legendary metal bill of true giants.”

Metal Hammer 137 is onsale now…