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Lacuna Coil in Metal Hammer Magazine

The September 2005 issue of Metal Hammer Magazine includes a lengthy article in ‘The Pit News’ concerning Lacuna Coil’s tour in October, the release of the new album and the prospect of an upcoming DVD. Guitarist Cristiano Migliore has this to say:

“We’ve filmed a lot of shows on the US tour over the past two years. We don’t want to release a DVD just because we have to; we want to wait until we have something very special. We have so many live shows taped already but none of them are quite right. We want something that’s very very cool.”

On the subject of the new album, Cristiano adds:

“We recorded between here in Milan and Germany, in Dortmund, where we usually record. We’re still missing three or four songs before the album is completely done.”

In talking about the new songs Chris says:

We played a few summer festivals in June and played one new song there. We don’t have a title for it so whenever we had to announce it we just say ‘here’s a song from the upcoming album’ but nobody, not even us knows what the songs are called. We have working titles, but we want to make sure that we pick the right ones.”

Metal Hammer reports that the album will be released in February or March 2006. The magazine is on sale now.


Lacuna Coil FAQ 1.9 Released

Today sees the release of the Lacuna Coil FAQ version 1.9. Extensive Information about the re-releases of the bands albums, as well as updated information on the release of the new album, has been included. I hope you find it useful!

You can read the FAQ here…