Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 151 / Bad Things


Episode 151 of the Emptyspiral Podcast is out today!
In it we talk about the Coiler Karaoke and reflect on the recent ‘Live from the Apocalypse’ Streaming show. We then go on to review the special Amazon special bonus song from the Black Anima album – ‘Bad Things’

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or, alternatively, you can download or listen to the podcast episode right here:

Show Notes:

  • You can join the Coiler Karaoke by joining the Facebook group or at the Lacuna Coil Discord server.
  • Bad Things is available for purchase at Amazon, or via Amazon Music.

Lacuna Coil – Live from the Apocalypse Guide

With Lacuna Coil’s Black Anima – Live from the Apocalypse live streaming show just a couple of days away, you might be wondering how to set this up on your computer.
Well we have a simple guide for you, with step by step instructions on what to do. So, if you’re struggling, check out our Guide here.

If you’ve not got a ticket…what are you waiting for, the REAL Apocalypse!? Go grab yourself a ticket for this one-off event! Head over to www.ticketone.it


Lacuna Coil Announce ‘Live from the Apocalypse’ Show!

Lacuna Coil have announced the following today:

We’re so excited to announce a very special and unique live event we’ve been working on during these months of lockdown. We’re going to make sure this is not JUST a streaming show, we’re going to crash through the screen and make you FEEL our heat. Don’t miss it: Friday, Sept 11th at 21:00 CEST. Early bird tickets on sale tomorrow at 17:00 CEST here: https://www.ticketone.it/tickets.html?affiliate=LVS&doc=artistPages/tickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&erid=2795859&language=en