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Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 7

Lacuna Coil EPWelcome to episode 7 of the Emptyspiral Podcast! In this episode we share our experiences of seeing Lacuna Coil for the first time, and also review the lyrical enigma that is ‘The Secret’…  Check it out!

You can download or listen to the podcast episode here:

Show Notes

  • If you want to read the Interview that ES conducted with Andrea back in December 2003 you can read it at www.emptyspiral.net/interviews/emptyspiral-dec-2003
  • Coiler NSpen has clarified that it was actually Cold Heritage I heard December 2003 show!
  • We’re interested in hearing other people on the podcast sharing their experiences, so if you’re interested on a spot,  let us know via our Podcast page.

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 5

Episode 5 of the Emptyspiral Podcast is released today! In this episode we talk to Lacuna Coil bassist Marco Coti Zelati about the Comalies album, and much more.

You can download or listen to the podcast episode here:

Show Notes

  • The interview was recorded on Lacuna Coils tour bus before the show in at Koko, London on 28th October 2012.
  • The music was played to Marco from an iPhone (it’s rather tinny!)
  • The 10 year Emptyspiral review of the Comalies Album can be read here.

Emptyspiral Launches New Podcast!

Exciting news!

We’ve launched a new Lacuna Coil Community Podcast! Starting today you’ll be able to listen to news, views, chat, exclusive interviews with Lacuna Coil, competitions and much more!

To get things rolling we’ve already posted our first two episodes; exclusive interviews with Lacuna Coils Andrea and Cristina who reminisce about the recording of the Comalies album. We’ll be posting more Comalies interviews in upcoming episodes as well as Emptyspiral interviews from our archives, and well as more exclusive content for Coilers everywhere.

You can listen to the Podcast for free, download each episode, subscribe via iTunes, and read the show notes for each episode at our Podcasts page!