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Lacuna Coil on ‘Visual Rebellion’ DVD Compilation

Lacuna Coil are one of the bands that appear on Century Medias ‘Visual Rebellion’ Compilation.
The DVD, available from the Century Media UK web site, contains clips from Arch Enemy, Moonspell, Tiamat, Nevermore, Shadows Fall, Passenger, Lacuna Coil, Strapping Young Lad, Sentenced, My Ruin, Shelter, Dark Tranquillity, Poisonblack, Krisiun, Dream Evil, Jag Panzer, Nocturnal Rites, Samael, The Gathering, God Forbid, Haste and Yakuza.

You can order the DVD from the UK Century Media site here…


Lacuna Coil on MTV2s ‘Bang of the Week’

According to the Century Media site, Lacuna Coils video for Heavens a Lie is featured on MTV2s Bang on the Week.
The video, filmed last year and directed by Patric Ullaeus, has appeared regularly on MTV2s Headbangers Ball since it’s release in December, and was the first Metal track to win Fuse.TVs ‘Oven Fresh’ vote.

You can visit the Headbangers Ball site and view ‘Heavens a Lie’ here…


Lacuna Coil on the ‘New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2003’ DVD

Lacuna Coil are one of the bands that will appear on the forthcoming ‘New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2003’ DVD. The DVD, to be released in the US on March 23rd, includes a number of live metal acts, as well as interviews – though it is inclear if Lacuna Coil is included in this part.

The trailer, with Lacuna Coil footage, is available here, and you can read full details of the DVD as well as pre-order at the TrustKill Webstore here…

Thanks to celticyodels for the information!


Changes to P.O.D Tour Dates

There are some minor changes to the Tour Dates with P.O.D over May and June 2004, previously reported here and on
These are:
18th May Orlando [email protected] House of Blues
May 20th Birmingham, AL @ Sloss Furnace
May 28th Rochester, NY @ ESL Sports Center

You can buy tickets via the P.O.D site and a full list of the dates can be found in our Tours Section here…

My thanks to geniustolunatic for letting me know about the changes.