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Dark Adrenaline Teaser 1 Released

Dark Adrenaline Teaser 1

Dark Adrenaline Teaser 1

‘The Injected’, The first video teaser (of six) for Lacuna Coils forthcoming album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ has been released today. The video shows Cristina apparently being held captive and drugged on what we can assume is dark adrenaline.  As she wakes she becomes aware of something or someone nearby, and we see a flash of a dark Cristina – perhaps an hallucination..

We look forward to seeing the other five!

Dark Adrenaline will be released on the 23rd January 2012 in Europe and 24th January 2012 in the US.


Darkest Adrenaline Limited Edition Box Set

Century Media have announced information about the Dark Adrenaline Limited Edition Box Set. The set, which is limited to 500 copies, will only be available through Century Media Distro and will include:

Darkest Adrenaline

Darkest Adrenaline

Dark Adrenaline vinyl
Dark Adrenaline digipak
Hardcover photo book
Guitar pick
Lithographs (signed)
Ink vials
Syringe pen
Packaged in a metal medic box

The box, which costs $200, includes free shipping to the US. Note, if you live elsewhere you can contact CM Distro at [email protected] for shipping information. You can order the ‘Darkest Adrenaline’ Boxed Set here..


Cristina Talks about Dark Adrenaline to Revolver Mag

Lacuna Coils Cristina Scabbia talks exclusively with Revolver magazine in their ‘Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock’ edition, and what didn’t make it into the magazine can now be found at the Revolver website.

In the interview Cristina talks about the development of album Dark Adrenaline, which is due out in January 2012, and how the sound on the album is heavier and darker.

You can read the interview at the Revolver site here..